UBNC Codes of Behaviour


In addition to Netball Queensland’s General Code of Behaviour, as a player in any activity held by or under the auspices of Netball Australia, Netball Queensland, a Region, an Affiliated Association or an Affiliated Club you must meet the following requirements in regards to your conduct during any such activity or event:
1.Participate because you enjoy it, not just to please parents or coaches and always play to the best of my ability.
2.Play by the rules:
•Know the rules.
3.Participate fairly and safely – don’t cheat, complain or waste time.
4.Abide by decisions, without argument or bad temper.
•Captains have the right to approach an umpire during an interval or after the game for clarification of any rule.
•Approach the umpire in a courteous and polite way.
5.Cooperate with your coach, and other players.
•Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately fouling or provoking an opponent and throwing/damaging equipment is not acceptable or permitted.
•Always listen and respond to what officials tell you
•Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
•Ensure that at all times your behaviour is fair.
•Be patient and enthusiastic supporter of fellow players.
6.Remain with your team and coach throughout the duration of games, including pre-match warm ups and after-match discussions.
7.Applaud all good play, by your own team and opponents
8.Always shake hands with the other team and thank the referee at the end of every game
9.Be a responsible team member
•Always be on time.
•Encourage and assist all players.
•Attend all training sessions, unless you are sick, injured or have another commitment.
•Notify the coach / manage if you are unable to attend training or game
•Do home based practice as required by my coach / manager
•Ensure you always bring the appropriate uniform and equipment to training and/or matches. Players without the appropriate attire may not be able to participate.
10.Do not engage in practises that affect sporting performance (alcohol, tobacco and drug use).
11.Respect and acknowledge the contribution of those who create the opportunity for you to play
•Volunteers (scorers, coaches, timekeepers, administrators and umpires).
12. Always ensure you have adequate water at both training and games.
Please remember that UBNC Inc wants to see all players enjoy netball, so if you have any problems or concerns, please talk to one of the committee members.
I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read and received the Unity Bellvista Netball Club Inc (UBNC Inc) Codes of Behaviour, including General Codes of Behaviour, and hereby agree that I will comply with the Unity Bellvista Netball Club Inc Codes of Behaviour.
I understand that if I do not follow these Codes of Behaviour, any and or all of the following actions may be taken by UBNC Inc:

I may be:
oIssued with a verbal warning from UBNC Inc
oRequired to meet with the UBNC Inc Executive Committee to discuss the issue
oObliged to leave the match venue the UBNC Inc or Caloundra District Netball Association
oRequested by the Club not to attend future games
oSuspended or required to leave UBNC Inc along with any dependents.

And players may:
oBe required to apologise to team mates, the other team, parents, and/or netball officials including, but not limited to, coach, manager and/or umpires.
oReceive a formal warding from UBNC Inc
oHave playing time reduced
oBe suspended from training
oBe required to leave UBNC Inc.